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About CBR

This is Chennai Bike Rentals, that offers the highest quality vehicles for hire in Chennai with a professional touch. There's no better way to see Chennai than on a bike. See all Chennai has to offer, or tour all around India.

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What we do?

We rent bikes and scooters of all categories at affordable prices.We are the Best Bike Rental Services in Chennai.

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What's new?

We are the only two wheeler rental services in Chennai which offers renting of bikes on a service motive. Our prior notion is to help tourists from various places to reach their destinations in the most convenient way at satisfactory prices.

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For our customers

To avoid last minute disappointments,we offer prior and online booking for our customer's convenience.

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Terms & Conditions

The renter, refers to any Authorised Driver. All Authorised Drivers are jointly and separately liable for the obligations under this Agreement.

1. There is a limit of 100km a day exceeding Rs.3 per km for all kind of two wheelers (except Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson), Rs.5 per km for Royal Enfield and Rs.20 per km for Harley Davidson.

2. We are open from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm ? 7 days a week. We are open even on National Holidays.

3. Bikes can be delivered and picked up from any place of your convenience for Rs.150 one way. (within City). Rs.200 one way between 20km ? 40km and Rs.250 one way between 40km ? 60km. No delivery and pickup service is available beyond 60km.

4. Bike will be delivered within 2 to 3 hours from the time of request. Pl call us 4 hours in advance to have the bike picked up. (before 5 pm). Request beyond 5 pm will be entertained as it takes time to commute from A to B via Bus and Train.

5. It is the responsibility of the hirer to change the Engine oil of the bike hired on monthly basis on time. Failing to do so may result in engine seizing and it may result in expenditure of 1000s of rupees. In such a case hirer is expected to pay the expenses.

6. For bikes hired on monthly basis ? Hirer may change the engine oil free of cost at our Mechanic Shed at Kodambakkam. Or hirer may change the engine oil on time at any place of their convinence and the expenses will be reimbursed upon producing the bill at the time of returning the bike.

7. For bikes hired on daily and weekly basis we own the responsibility of maintaining the engine oil level.

8. Pl keep the photocopies of Registration and Insurance with the bike itself. Pl don?t keep it in your bag or with you. Hirer will be charged Rs.100 failing to return the documents with the bike.

9. Hirer has to cover the cost of any damages to the bike due to any accidents or negligence. Insurance wont cover the cost of such damages. We don?t want any arguments on this topic.

10. 1 day of rental is strictly 24 hours. Even one or two hours more will be considered as the second day. There is no 1.5 days. Its either 1 day or 2 days.

11. In case of Pickup, hirer is expected to call before 20th hour. Pl don?t request pickup at the 24th hour. Failing to request a pickup either by 5pm or 4 hours before the time to return the bike, hirer is expected to pay the extra day?s rental.

12. Pl don?t ask us for any waive off rental for the remaining petrol in the bike at the time of returning.

13. We hire helmets for Rs.25 flat for the entire period of rental. Failing to return the helmet we charge Rs.450 and if visor is broken we charge Rs.100. For other damages we charge accordingly.

14. The hirer is expected to bring the rental form (filled at the time of hiring) at the time of returning the bike.

15. We cover all kind of major and minor repair costs and Maintenance costs. We don?t cover damages caused to rash driving, accident and negligence.

16. Pl don?t rest the foot on the brake all the time while riding. And pl don?t apply clutch all the time while riding. Any repair cost due to improper riding has to be borne by the hirer.

17. Pl return the bike before 8.30 pm . We will not be able to receive bikes after 8.30 pm and hirer has to pay the rental for the additional day.

18. If there are any mechanical problems with the bike hirer may either visit our shop and fix it free of cost or may fix it it with a near by mechanic and retain the receipt. We will reimburse the amount at the time of returning the bike. In case hirer requests for replacement of bike, it may take 4 hours to do so depending upon the availability. We wont be able to replace bike or assist you in anyway if you are on a road trip. (25km from Chennai).

19. Pl bring atleast 3 different original id cards such as Passport, Visa, driver?s license, Pan card, Ration Card, Voter?s ID Card, Postal ID, Company or College Id card, Visiting Card, Debit or Credit Card carrying hirer?s name. You may submit the photocopies alone. But we need to have a look at the Original id cards.

20. You need to pay atleast Rs.3000 refundable deposit or the rental in advance. (whichever is higher)

21. We don?t take any booking without any advance payment.

22. In case of damage / scratch to the motorcycle, theft of any accessories or if any major or minor accident occurs, repair cost will have to be borne by the renter.

23. * Rates subject to change without prior notice.

* Bikes are subject to availability.